Side shift, Rise & Fall movements on a compact and lightweight wide angle & studio camera.

Bicam III offers a new horizontal 15+15mm movement performed on the camera body.
This feature satisfies the needs of many photographers with a extremely precise and accurate solution. Micrometric and auto-locking control for a fast and precise image correction.
Still life, industrial, landscape and architectural photography and other more are the typical fields of application of the Bicam III technical camera.
More perspective, focus and image control in general can be achieved adding the Flexi bellow Maxi to the basic Bicam configuration. This accessory will give front movements, tilt, swing and side shift, which can be combined to the rear ones.  

Restyling The ebony wood inserts in the camera body and the control knobs improved in the aesthetic and functionality complete the camera restyling. Most of the accessories of the previous Bicam series can be used on the new Bicam III camera


Shiftable modular camera with extraordinary performances in professional digital and analogue photography.

Flexi Bellow Maxi

The Flexi Bellows Maxi III mounts lenses with the Silvestri bayonet without the requirement of a helical focusing ring. The extension capability of the rail together with the advantage of the micrometric focusing extends the versatility of the Bicam 3 in still-life, industrial, architectural photography and in all the other fields where high quality performance is paramount. The Flexi Bellows Maxi III features the lens side shift movements and micrometric tilt and swing movements. Suitable for both Bicam II and Bicam III.

- Tilt 15+15° Micrometric adjustment with locking system.
- Swing 15+15° Micrometric adjustment with locking system.
- Extension: 75mm with click and micrometric adjustment.
- Side Shift 15+15mm.
- Possibility to move back the camera standard in order to clear wide angle lenses.
- Inserts in ebony wood.
- Made in high grade anodized aluminium with movement on trapezoidal rails with Teflon sliding block.
- Code 3002

Lenses in bayonet mount for Bicam >

Lens Boards for lenses in helical focusing mount

Code 1117 Lens Board with bayonet Type A (23mm)
Code 1118 Lens Board with bayonet Type S (6,5mm)
Code 1118D Lens Board with bayonet TypeS 10mm Shift(6,5mm)
Code 1119 Lens Board with bayonet Type R (3,5mm)
Code 1120 Lens Board with bayonet Type B (13,65mm)
Code 1121 Lens Board with bayonet Type E (24,8mm)
Code 1122 Lens Board with bayonet Type C (24mm)
Code 1123 Lens Board with bayonet Type F (17,55mm)
Code 1124 Extension Board Type D shift 15+15mm (40,3mm)

Extension Rings
The extension rings are used to adjust the different lengths of the lenses.

The rings n.1 and n.2 are also available in the 10mm offset and in the shiftable 15+15mm versions, which are useful to increase the rise or to combine the rise with the side shift movement.

See the Combination Table tab for the right lens board - lens combination

Lens boards for Bicam

Sliding Back Adapters

Stitching sliding adapter with drop-in plates. The drop-in plate is available with different fittings for digital backs and it is placable in both vertical and horizontal position for portrait and landscape formats. Therefore with the stitching function you will obtain images with more o less panoramic proportions.

D7023 Slide Adapter 5x7 stitching without drop-in plate

Drop-in plates for sliding adapter: 

D7023H Drop-in Plate Hasselblad 'H' fitting
D7023V Drop-in Plate Hasselblad 'V' fitting
D7023M Drop-in Plate Mamiya 645 AFD fitting
D7023C Drop-in Plate Contax 645 fitting
D7023A Drop-in Plate Leaf Afi fitting

Sliding Back Adapter

Live Video Adapter

Direct adapter for digital backs. The digital back needs to be triggered externally, no internal contacts available.

The Live video adapters are available with the following interfaces:

code      description
DF7020 Adapter with Hassel V 6x6 interface
DF7019 Adapter with Hasselblad H1 interface
DF7013 Adapter with Contax 4,5x6 interface
DF7015 Adapter with Mamiya 645 AFD interface

Fuji GFX Adapter

The Fuji GFX Adapter allows to transform your Fuji camera into a compact view camera.The Fuji camera body acts like a digital back while the Bicam body with Flexi Bellow Maxi offers all the correction movements, vertical and horizontal shift, tilt and swing, in a light and compact solution easy to carry and to assemble. code DA1010

Live video Adapter

Actuator for Hasselblad V lenses

The Silvestri Actuator adapts Hasselblad lenses from the V series with Silvestri cameras for digital use. It performs the cocking and triggering functions normally executed inside the Hasselblad body. Code 1150

Focusing Bellow

Darkens the focal plane making viewing and focusing clearer. Compatible with Sliding Back Adapter code D7023 and 6x9 back with ground glass code 4090. Code 5010

Rodenstock lenses in bayonet mount

Combination table >

Schneider lenses in bayonet mount

Combination table >

Rodenstock lenses in focusing & bayonet mount

Combination table >

Schneider lenses in focusing & bayonet mount

Combination table >

height 175mm x lenght 185mm x depth 50mm
760 grammes
Lenses attachment:
Silvestri lens board, Silvestri bayonet.
Backs attachment
Silvestri standard four points attachment

Vertical shift:
15mm rise - 15mm fall
Horizontal shift:
15mm + 15mm
Compatible digital back mounts:
Hasselblad V, Hasselblad H, Phase One - Mamiya 645, Contax 645, Afi.

Bicam camera body Code 3000

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