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Bicam II NK (discontinued)


This camera satisfies a much called-for requirement, for those working in narrow spaces with wide-angle lenses. It is possible to mount Nikon lenses with 14mm-35mm focal lengths, for complete use of 24x36mm sensors and partial use of 37x37 sensors; in this case a partial file of around 35Mb is obtained.

The Bicam NK offers:

- Nikon lens mount

- Copal Press type central shutter

- Integrated Sliding Back Adapter for:

7000NK66 Hasselblad V interface
7000NK66H Hasselblad H interface
7000NK66C Contax 4,5x6 interface
7000NK66M Mamiya 645 interface


Schneider Digitar and Rodenstock Digital lenses can be used, for a total sensor coverage with shift movement using the lens board with Silvestri bayonet code 1119.

Cod. 7000NK66 camera body

Bicam II NK can be also accessoried with the Flexibellow Maxi adding side shift, tilt and swing movements and mounting lenses in bayonet only.

Lens board code: Lens type
D7026 Nikon lenses from 14mm to 35mm
1117 (type A) Schneider Digitar 2,8/28mm
1118 (type S) Schneider Digitar 5,6/47mm
1118 (type S) Schneider Digitar 4/60mm
1122 (type C) Schneider Digitar 4/80mm


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