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Professional Camera Bag

Made of cordura, water resistant protection, front buckle closure, adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, roomy, padded central rag area, customizable cell dividers, front zip pocket. Colour: black

Inside dim. (WxDxH) 14x7.6x8.4 inch (35x19x21 cm)
External dim. (WxDxH) 14.4x9x9 inch (36x22x23 cm)

cod. PB008


Protection Case

For the protection of lenses and small photographic accessories.

cod. PB005 150 gr. inside size 13wx12dx9h cm.
cod. PB006 185 gr. inside size 16wx14dx7h cm.
cod. PB007 250gr. inside size 19wx19dx8h cm.


Filter Wallet for 85x85 or 100x100 mm. filters with 8 pockets

PF8508 Filter Wallet 85x85 mm

PF1008 Filter Wallet 100x100mm

Protective Wrap

cod.PI3030 dim. 30x30 cm. cod.PI4040 dim. 40x40 cm. cod.PI5050 dim. 50x50 cm.

Multi-use Protection Sack

cod.PS0001 24x13 cm.

cod.PS0003 30x15 cm.

Tripod Accessory Pouch with 2 pockets



Protective Pouch

cod.PS0004 28x20cm.



Monitor Shade
For the best colour viewing

The development of the digital image needs a good visualization of the results on the monitor. With Silvestri Monitor Shade colours will look more truthful, eventual corrections and operations will be easier and the vision more confortable. Our Monitor shade have reliability and security characteristics being manufactured with ergonomic and safe materials. Easy to mount, they have a wide adaptability.
Besides for digital photography and for professional graphics, they are also suggested for any viewing on monitor; their use reduces reflexes and external light intrusions for a more exact and relaxing vision.

cod. CBS015 for monitor CRT 15" L= from 36 to 40 cm.
cod. CBS017 for monitor CRT 17" L= from 39 to 44 cm.
cod. CBS019 for monitor CRT 19" L= from 45 to 50 cm.

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