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Bicam Outfit for film photography

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A compact wide angle camera which can be used with Apo Grandagon 4,5-35mm lenses or, continuing with the prestigious Schneider series; 5,6/47, 5,6/47XL etc.

The camera has incorporated 15+15mm high-low back shift. Silvestri system lenses can be mounted on the front, and also some of the other S4 accessories; except for bayonet mount standard lenses. The back accessories are the same as for the T30 and Mod H. Bicam is suitable for rapid use in limited spaces. The possibility of mounting the Flexibellow, allows the use of lenses without the helicoidal focusing system and to insert perspective corrections and focus extension. Bicam repeats traditional Silvestri concepts: modularity and flexibility.

Shiftable modular camera with extraordinary performances in professionalfilmphotography

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