A complete system of adapters to interface the professional digital backs Hasselblad, Phase One, Leaf, Mamiya etc. to Zenza Bronica & Mamiya cameras

for technical cameras : Linhof, Sinar, Arca, Toyo, Cambo etc. >>>
for Silvestri cameras, see specific adapters for each camera model

Adapters of digital backs on MAMIYA RB67 & MAMIYA RZ67

Silvestri offers two adapters that allow photographers using Mamiya’s RB67 and RZ67 medium format cameras to convert their equipment into high-end digital cameras. Machined to exactly the same focal plane as a conventional Mamiya film back, the Silvestri RB/RZ67 adapters require no modifications to the camera. To provide interfacing between the Digital Back and Mamiya RB67 camera body, the communication cable must be plugged into the lens flash sync terminal. This allows the digital back to be activated when the shutter release button is depressed. Shooting data such as aperture, shutter speed, etc. will NOT be shown on the metadata files because there is no direct interface between camera, lens and digital back.

Adapter of digital backs on MAMIYA RB67

Code 7006


Adapter of digital backs on MAMIYA RZ67

code 7012


Instructions for 7006 and 7012

Adapters of digital backs on ZENZA BRONICA

Intermediate Adapter Backs to trasform the attachment of Bronica ETR 4,5x6 and SQ 6x6 cameras into Hasselblad type attachments allowing the use of digital backs: Hasselblad, Leaf, Megavision and Phase One.

Cod. 7010 Adapter for Bronica ETR 4,5x6

Cod. 7008 Adapter for Bronica SQ 6x6



with Phase One backs

All PhaseOne digital backs (except for the P65+) will mount and fire in 2-shot mode. With the use of the Phase One wake-up cable (Item # 50300131) the digital back will operate in one-shot mode.

1. Make Lens settings
2. Mount Digital back
3. Attach Wake-Up cable
4. Cock the shutter
5. Press the button on the Wake-Up cable
6. Press the plunger on the shutter-release cable and exposure is made.

View of Florence, Italy, shot with Bicam, panoramic base and Phase One back

Panoramic Base: 0° - 360°

This accessory allows to produce a series of panoramic photographs in sequence. The system consists in a Bicam Camera with interchangeable lenses in magnetic shutter, a Remote Control Unit and a digital back. The programmable functions are:

- Number of exposures
- Exposure time from 1/125” and 60”
- Total field angle selecting from 0° to 360°.
- Time break between shots.
The system is powered by a 12V battery.

Code 7072 Panoramic base