Our cameras are produced in small series and are destined for a highly specialised clientele. Their originality and flexibility are appreciated everywhere by professional photographers, architects, amateurs, and researchers in the world of imaging. Our commitment is to provide the best performance. The best lenses, the most appropriate mechanical parts, the most suitable materials, compact dimensions, accessories carefully studied to provide flexibility and completeness of the Silvestri system. An open system which offers possibilities of future growth and development.


Shiftable modular camera with extraordinary performances in professional digital and analogue photography. Bicam NK for Nikon lenses


An extra-compact and light view camera with wide shift, tilt & swing movements for high resolution digital photography. Flexicam transforms Canon and Nikon SLR cameras in a small view camera that can perform perspective corrections and focus extension, essential movements in the work of still life, jewels, watches, industrial photography.


Compact view camera for high resolution digital photography, full micrometric movements of absolute reliability.


A wide range of Adapters for Digital backs. Back adapters Adapters for view camera and medium format cameras


Compact modular camera, robust and precise with 30mm of vertical shift. Ideal for architectural and landscape photography.


Certain parallelism of the planes, rapidity of set up and focusing and its compactness make the S4 a perfect camera for outdoor large format (4x5") photography - 40mm vertical shift.


Schneider & Rodenstock digital lenses Schneider & Rodenstock analogue lenses


High quality Lupes made in metal with helical focusing.