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Adapter for Fuji GFX100

Transform your Fuji camera into a compact view camera.



An extremely compact and light technical camera camera, suitable for both outdoor and studio photography.

Fuji GFX, Sony Alpha, Canon EOS and Nikon Adapters

Flexicam transforms your mirrorless or DSLR camera in a small technical camera that can perform perspective corrections and focus extension, essential movements in the work of still life, jewels, watches, industrial photography.

High Resolution Digital Backs

Flexicam is a self-standing system that allows the use of high resolution digital backs too.

Adapters for Fuji GFX, Sony Alpha, Nikon & Canon 

Adapt your Sony Alpha, Fuji GFX, Nikon or Canon camera body to your technical camera. 

Flexicam users

 Fuji GFX Adapter
Sony Alpha Adapter
Nikon T2 Adapter
Canon T2 Adapter

Bicam users

Fuji GFX Adapter 
Sony Alpha Adapter


Linhof users

Adapters for 679 and 4x5" format cameras.

Sinar Users

View Cameras back in Use and on the Go with a mirrorless camera. Standard and recessed n.0 lens boards available.

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