View Cameras in Use and on the Go with a digital back

While most photographers still associate a view camera exclusively with a studio environment, the last generation digital backs allow the use of view cameras on the go with ease offering the best in image quality, perspective correction and using lenses virtually free of optical distortions.

The Silvestri adaptors allow the photographers using Sinar, Cambo, Arca, Toyo, Rollei & Linhof view cameras to convert their equipment into high performing digital cameras.
Sliding back adapters for 6x9 view cameras

Stitching sliding adapter with integrated plate to fit the most popular 6x9 view cameras, versions available for the Sinar P3, Linhof M679, Rollei Xact and Arca 6x9.


The drop-in plate is available with different fittings for digital backs and it is placable in both vertical and horizontal position for portrait and landscape formats. Therefore with the stitching function you will obatin images with more o less panoramic proportions.

Code D7023L



Sliding back adapters for 4x5" view cameras

These boards adapt the most popular 4x5" view cameras to the standard Silvestri fitting for using our back accessories as the stitching sliding adapter or the live-video adapters.

The adaptor boards are available for Sinar, Toyo, Cambo & Arca 4x5" view cameras.

The sliding adapter allows for the quick sliding from the viewing to the shooting position, keeping the digital back protected from dust and accidental damages and in place ready for immediate use.
Robust construction in anodized aluminium, the sliding adapter guarantees precision and reliability in any working situation.

The stitching facility enables the photographer to almost double the file size of his image by shooting two images, side by side, and joining through a software. This option gives the photographer many possibilities over the standard chip format and angle of view of the lenses available.

Drop in plates are available for digital backs in Hasselblad H, Hasselblad V, Leaf Afi & Mamiya 4,5X6 fitting.

Code D7023

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