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Stitching Sliding Adapter with Drop-in Plate for Bicam


This new Sliding adapter is the product of our long experience in the manufacturing of professional cameras for high resolution digital photography.
The stitching facility enables the photographer to almost double the file size of his image by shooting two images, side by side, and joining through software. This option gives the photographer many possibilities over the standard chip format and angle of view of lenses available

Completely re-designed with a new system of drop-in adapter plates and with further improved characteristics of the sliding movement and overall precision.
The new drop-in system, allows the quick substitution of adapter plates; adapter plates are available for Hasselblad V, H, AFI, Contax and Mamiya 645 attachments. The digital back can be positioned either horizontally or vertically according to the needs.

D7023 + plate


Silvestri watertight resin case

Resin case in high thikness body material, crushproof, airproof, waterproof, shockproof, sand & dust proof and padlockable.

* Neoprene seal.

* PVC Waterproof I.D. label. Identification label (with protective cover)

* Purgevalve Button. The inside metal ring avoids the accidental its complete extraction.

* Predisposition for shoulderkit

* Internal slots

* Removable Lid

* Jam Free Latches: Jam free latches with user-friendly leverage opening mechanisn

* Soft Grip Rubber Handle 

Pre-cubed Foam in the bottom and convoluted foam in the lid. The pre-cubed foam allows the user to tailor the inserts to their own individual requirement.

    A B C D E
Internal dimensions mm 445 345 190 47 143
External dimensions mm 474 415 214 - -
Weight empty Kg 4.00
Weight with foam Kg 4.70
Buoyancy Kg 19.7
Volume litres 29.2
Temp.rating -33/+99

code PB020