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Come to visit us at Morco's booth where the Silvestri camera system and our latest products: S5 micron view camera, Flexi Bellow Maxi and Sliding Adater for H1 will be introduced and demonstated to the english professional photographers.

Morco limited - Hall 9, Stand D30 - Birmingham NEC


Flexi Bellow Maxi

Flexi Bellows Maxi is an accessory which substantially extends the lens suitability options of the Silvestri Bicam 2 camera. Beyond the three lenses: Schneider Digitar 24mm XL, 35mm XL and Rodenstock Apo Sironar Digital 35mm, now all the other high performance digital lenses can be used with this new accessory. The Flexi Bellows Maxi mounts lenses with the Silvestri bayonet without the requirement of a helical focusing ring – so saving money. Moreover the lenses can also be used on other view cameras via an adapter board with Silvestri bayonet attachment.
The extension capability of the rail together with the advantage of the micrometric focusing extends the versatility of the Bicam 2 in still-life, industrial, architectural photography and in all the other fields where high quality performance is paramount.
The Flexi Bellows Maxi features side shift movements and micrometric tilt and swing movements.

Specifications :
- Tilt 15+15° Micrometric adjustment with locking system.
- Swing 15+15° Micrometric adjustment with locking system.
- Extension: 75mm with click and micrometric adjustment.
- Side Shift 15+15mm.
- Possibility to move back the camera standard in order to clear wide angle lenses.
- Cylindrical and pillow-like flabby combined bellow.
- Made in high grade anodized aluminium with movement on trapezoidal rails with Teflon sliding block.
- Code 7002

Sliding Adapter 6x6 for Hasselblad H1

A new Sliding Adapter increasing our offer of solutions for high-resolution digital photography. The sliding adapter for Hasselblad H1 can be used on our Bicam and S5 micron cameras which are specifically designed for digital photography and on the most popular view cameras by means of our adapter plates.
This means that Hasselblad H1 owners will be able to mount their H1 digital back on the Silvestri camera, just as on other view cameras sensibly extending the options of use of their digital back.
The sliding adapter allows for the quick sliding from the viewing to the shooting position, keeping the digital back protected from dust and accidental damages and in place ready for immediate use.
Robust construction in anodized aluminium, the sliding adapter guarantees precision and reliability in any working situation.

- Sliding Adapter 6x6 with Hasselblad H1 attachment.
- Ground glass with inoxidizable steel frame defining the formats.
- Security locking.
- Made in anodized aluminium.
- Lupe 4x included.
- Code D7019





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