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Diaphragm Preselector for Prontor Magnetic shutters
code 7056K  

The Prontor Magnetic shutter ensures a top efficiency: up to 3.000.000 shots of life, free of vibrations and high precision of activation.

The extremely good price in comparison with those by other manufaturers makes them widely used.

The small limit due to the manual diaphragm setting is overtaken by this Silvestri accessory that allows the manual preselection of the working diaphragm.

An extremely useful accessory at a very low price: €44,00+vat (buy on line)

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Go to the Documentation page and dowload the new and complete catalogue of the S5 micron camera.

or visit the web pages dedicated to the S5 micron system:

Camera body, lens boards, bellows, sliding adapters for digital backs, lenses, backs for roll films and viewing devices.



On the Documentation page view, save or print out the brand new catalogue of the Bicam camera system.

Digital and analogue configurations, compact for extra-wide angle architectural photography, Bicam with Flexi Bellow Maxi for full movements studio works and full indications for the combination of lenses and accessories.



A complete range of Silvestri Adapters to interface the professional digital backs: Hasselblad-Imacon, Phase One, Eyelike, Leaf and Kodak to Silvestri, Zenza Bronica, Mamiya cameras and to view cameras : Linhof, Sinar, Arca, Toyo, Cambo etc.

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