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photo taken by Raffaello Bencini with a Silvestri T30 camera


Enjoy the movements




Ever more flexible with the new adapters for the most popular reflex cameras: Nikon and Canon EOS

Flexicam transforms the camera into a small view camera able to perform perspective corrections and focus extension, essential movements in still-life photographic works: watches, jewels, industrial products etc.



APS and "full frame" format 24x36 cameras can be applied.


The lens, mounted on Silvestri bayonet, should have 100mm of focal length. The image circle is wide and ensures the possibility of important correction movements.

Flexicam can be accessoried with a sliding back adapter or an adapter plate for the digital backs featuring "Live-Video". Both items are available with the following interfaces: Hasselblad V, Hasselblad H, Contax 645 and Mamiya 645 AFD.


T2 adapter for Nikon

code F130



T2 adapter for Canon EOS

code F132


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Adapters for 33x44 sensors


All the Silvestri Sliding Adapters are now available in a new version with frames on the ground glass for the 33x44 format sensors.




click on the ground glass for a detail of the frames.

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