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The new 5,6/35mm XL Schneider Apo Digitar with 90mm of image circle and 102° angle of view at f/11

mountable in Copal 0 only on Silvestri Bicam and S5 micron

available on order

6x6 Reflex Viewer

Designed for the 6x6 sliding back adaptor code D7020-25, this reflex viewer allows a comfortable vision on the ground glass in studio works. The subject's image is not up side down and specular. Rubber lens hood.

Sliding Adapter 6x6 for Hasselblad H1

A new Sliding Adapter increasing our offer of solutions for high-resolution digital photography. The sliding adapter for Hasselblad H1 can be used on our Bicam and S5 micron cameras which are specifically designed for digital photography and on the most popular view cameras by means of our adapter plates.

Special Offer

This means that Hasselblad H1 owners will be able to mount their H1 digital back on the Silvestri camera, just as on other view cameras sensibly extending the options of use of their digital back.
The sliding adapter allows for the quick sliding from the viewing to the shooting position, keeping the digital back protected from dust and accidental damages and in place ready for immediate use.
Robust construction in anodized aluminium, the sliding adapter guarantees precision and reliability in any working situation.
- Sliding Adapter 6x6 with Hasselblad H1 attachment.
- Ground glass with inoxidizable steel frame defining the formats.
- Security locking.
- Made in anodized aluminium.
- Lupe 4x included.
- Code D7019

4x4 Reflex Viewer

Special offer for all the owners of the Silvestri sliding back adaptors for 4x4 sensors

€199,00 +VAT

instead of € 450,00+VAT

Rodenstock and Schneider Professional lenses

Silvestri offers two complete series of lenses both for analogue and digital photography.

As manufacturers we have the skills and the equipment to provide our clients with the best service. There are various versions of shutters available: mechanical, Press and electronic shutters. Moreover: Remote Control Units, lens boards, bayonets and mounting. Our experience and the appropriate suggestions can help the photographers in finding the best solution for them.

Silvestri also offers a solution consisting of lenses mounting on cone and bayonet and on various adaptor boards for view cameras of other brands.


Recently presented on the market, S5 micron is already acquiring a great reputation among professional photographers. Adaptability, handiness, great flexibility in use with high resolution digital photography, are increase its reputation in Italy and abroad.

The S5's particular design allows easy adjusting movements even in extremely short distances, especially with wideangle lenses from the latest generation without having to recess the lens inside the camera body. This makes the use of lenses in mechanical shutter possible. S5 micron perfectly integrates itself with the most popular digital backs having a wide range of accessories available.
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