2/ 2004



in Copal.0 or electronic shutter


After about 3 years of designing work, S5 micron has finally become a reality.

Specifically designed for high resolution digital photography, the S5 view camera is the answer for all requisites of precision, reliability and robustness required to a moden view camera.

Conceived for the last generation matrix sensors, the S5 view camera can be succefully used also in analogue photography up to the 6x9cm format. The controls are well dimentioned and with generous size knobs. The locking systems are well positioned and the movements are micrometric.

The bodies have been designed for the maximum approach allowing the use of extreme wideangle lenses; the lens-boards are large and fit all type of shutters, some of them can also have a recess. The available accessories are numerous, either digital and analogue.

Most of the accessories of T30, Bicam and Mod. H cameras fit the new S5 micron, as for most part of the lenses.

S5 micron completes our range of photographic cameras allowing us to offer our customers a complete series of solutions for the professional photography, with a quality and flexibility according to the international highest standards.



The new 5,6/35mm XL Schneider Apo Digital with 90mm image circle and 102° angle of view at f/11

SCHNEIDER Digitar series

RODENSTOCK Digital series

Analogue or digital photography


S5 micron with 6x9cm back
Direct vertical shift; 30mm upwards 30mm downwards.
Total sidewards shift; 30mm to the right + 30mm to the left.
Tilt and Swing :
- Rotation on the vertical axis: more than 15° right plus 15° left in each group.
- Rotation on the horizontal axis; more than 15° plus more than 15° on each group.
- Minimum distance between the standards = 0 mm
- Maximum distance with the standard guides:
- Lens fitting system: Silvestri/S5 lens board, Silvestri bayonet.
- Back fitting system: Silvestri/S5 board, board with standard 4 points rapid attachment.
- Dimensions H 330mm , W 210mm , D 210mm (Compact)
- Weight Kg. 4

S5 micron with Sliding Back, Silvestri Remote Control Unit and digital back



ADAPTER KIT FOR 4X5" VIEW CAMERAS for 37x37mm and 37x48mm sensors.

ADAPTER KIT FOR 6x9CM VIEW CAMERAS (SINAR, ARCA SWISS, LINHOF 679, ROLLEI Xact) for 37x37mm and 37x48mm sensors.


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-Remote Control Unit for single and multi-shot.

-Lens Mounting in Electronic Shutter.

- Standard Lensboards with Silvestri bayonet or recessed lensboards for Sinar 4x5".

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