3/ 2004



The lenses can be mounted in various type of shutter according to your need:Copal 0 - 3 Copal Press 0-1 Rollei Electronic Prontor Magnetic Schneider Electronic


Lens mounted in Copal 0 shutter

Copal Press and focusing helical ring

Copal Press

Copal 0 and board for Silvestri S4 camera

The electronic shutters are especially useful in multi-shot and microstep digital photography.

Prontor Magnetic

Schneider electronic

Rollei electronic

Super wideangle lens with board and focusing helical ring for the Bicam camera

Lens in Prontor Magnetic and cone

For controlling the electronic shutters and their interfacing to the digital backs there are two digital remote control unit code 7052K and 7053K available for Prontor Magnetic and Schneider shutters. Rollei has its own remote control unit.

Motorized Focusing



The Motorflexi used in conjunction with a digital back offers 'live video' and absolute accuracy, combined with the confort of operating from a remote controlled position by a monitor. The Motoflexi adds the remote focusing motor facility to the tilt and swing movements provided by the traditional Silvestri Flexibellows.



Silvestri has introduced to the market a new bellow for viewing the LCD displays of digital cameras.
Absolutely indispensible during external photography sessions when wishing to control the results of filming on the display. It is also available with an attachable 4x multicoated magnifying lens to obtain an enlarged view of the subject.



To control correct focusing and cromatic yeld. The Digibellow becomes an unbeatable accessory.




CB033 Silvestri Digibellow DSS1 for 38mm LCD
CB034 Silvestri Digibellow DSS2 for 40mm LCD
CB036 Silvestri Digibellow DSS3 for 50mm LCD
CB038 Silvestri Digibellow DSS4 for 65mm LCD
CB042 Silvestri Digibellow for 38mm LCD with removable 4x lens  
CB044 Silvestri Digibellow for 40mm LCD with removable 4x lens  
CB046 Silvestri Digibellow for 50mm LCD with removable 4x lens  
CB048 Silvestri Digibellow for 65mm LCD with removable 4x lens  
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