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Silvestri cameras are known for their combination of corrective movements with medium format portability. Now, in the film-plus-digital age, the Silvestri Bicam continues to satisfy your camera needs with ingenious solutions.

It is compact, flexible and efficient.

You start with an 0,8 kg weight (body only, including quick-mount device). You add the back for conventional film operation or you integrate with a high-resolution digital back. For both conventional and digital operation, the user has access to Silvestri's broad range of front and rear accessories. This is an open-ended system which develops and adapts to the needs of the photographer.

Bicam has a particular knack for wide-angle photography. This is where we encounter greatly reduced distances from lens to focal plane, threatening flexibility of movements. Also, precise focusing and parallel alignment of planes are major concerns. Bicam, with its rigid construction, can solve the problems.

Bicam is versatile

It can in one moment pair up with a 28mm Digitar, then be accessorized with a Flexi-Bellows for use in studio work, with an 80mm or 100mm Digitar. For rapid shooting, Bicam can function with Silvestri wide-angle viewfinder; when perfect framing is required, Bicam couples quickly to the Sliding Back Adapter, bringing a ground-glass screen into action.

Table for use of Rodenstock lenses and backs

Table for use of Schneider lenses and backs


Wide-Angle, Landscape, Architectural, Industrial and Still Life Photography

Technical information

Dimensions: H 165mm , L 147mm , D 50mm (Compact)

Weight: Kg. 0,8

Vertical shift: 15mm rise - 15mm fall

Basic format: 6x7 / 6x9 cm

Digital formats: 24x36 - 37x37 - 37x49 - 50x72 with stitching

Lenses attachment: Silvestri lens board, Silvestri bayonet.

Backs attachment: Silvestri standard four points attachment

Code 7000

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