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Flexicam is an extremely compact and light technical camera camera, suitable for both outdoor and studio photography.

Its characteristic compactness and extreme versatility will make it the best choice for architectural and travel photographers.

Dimensions: H. 180mm - L. 188mm - D. 162mm Weight: Kg. 1

Vertical shift: 23 + 23mm Horizontal shift: 15 + 15mm

Focusing: By mean of the auto-locking micrometric rail Tilt e swing: 15+15° micrometric adjustment with locking system

Rail extension: 90mm with click and micrometric adjustment.

Bellow: Cylindrical and bag combined bellow.

Camera body: Made in high grade anodized aluminium.

Adapter Backs: Sliding Adapters or Live-video adapter.

Lenses: Digitar Schneider & Digital Rodenstock in Copal 0, Prontor Magnetic and Schneider Electronic shutters.

Product code F120 - Flexicam with Sliding Adapter - Hasselblad V interface

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