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S5 micron

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The new standards for view cameras request absolute precision with both wide and ergonomic adjusting movements. It is necessary to have at one's disposal micrometric movements of absolute reliability, especially when using smaller sensors and where precision and reduced tolerances, especially with wide-angle lenses, are requested.

Completely made in high quality metal resorting to digital technology, using CNC machines of extreme precision.

The S5 micron completely fullfills to the required features, the results confirm it as a camera ment for professional photographers and photographic studios.

Moreover, those who already own a Silvestri camera have the possibility to use most of the Silvestri accessories and lenses produced so far.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: H 330mm, W 210mm, D 210mm (Compact) Weight: Kg.4

Minimum distance between the standards: 0mm

Direct vertical shift 30 + 30mm Horizontal shift 30mm right + 30mm left

Lens fitting system Silvestri/S5 lens board, Silvestri bayonet. Back fitting system Silvestri/S5 board, board with standard 4 points rapid attachment.

Rotation on the vertical axis more than 15° right plus 15° left in each group. Rotation on the horizontal axis more than 15° plus more than 15° on each group.

Available lenses Digital and analogue Schneider & Rodenstock lenses in Copal 0, Prontor Magnetic and Schneider Electronic shutters.

Product code 9000 camera body

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