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Ariogon f.8 / 165mm

Many newbie photographers and enthusiasts have approched the large format photography just when the digital photography was establishing itself and dominating the market. For them we have thinked about an inexpensive lens with high image quality. To contain the costs as much as possible, simple and functional solutions have been applied in this project:

A Classical mounting without shutter and with stainless still slides for the various apertures to slide in. Available apertures: f. 11, f. 16, f22, f. 32, f.45, f. 64


Silvestri Ariogon f.8 165mm lens.

- Lens with three optical elements in two groups, multicoated.

- The two optical-mechanical groups can be mounted in Copal 0 shutter.

- Mounting without shutter; Classical with blades for the following apertures: f11, f16, f22, f32 and f45.

- Image circle at f. 22: 165mm.

- Image circle with aperture beyond the 4x5" format.

- Suggested formats: 6x9cm, 6x12cm, 9x12cm with shift movements, 4x5" .

- Height: 43mm

- Width: 50mm

- Flange for fixing the lens to n.0 lens boards

- Weight: 114 grammes in Classic mount

Code Description

L010 Ariogon 8/165mm in Classic mounting with aperture stainless steel blades

L012 Ariogon 8/165mm in Copal 0 shutter

Ariogon 165mm in Copal 0 shutter

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