S5 micron

Compact view camera for high resolution digital photography, full micrometric movements of absolute reliability.

The new standards for view cameras request absolute precision with both wide and ergonomic adjusting movements. It is necessary to have at one's disposal micrometric movements of absolute reliability, especially when using smaller sensors and where precision and reduced tolerances, especially with wide-angle lenses, are requested.

Completely made in high quality metal resorting to digital technology, using CNC machines of extreme precision.

The S5 micron completely fullfills to the required features, the results confirm it as a camera ment for professional photographers and photographic studios. Moreover, those who already own a Silvestri camera have the possibility to use most of the Silvestri accessories and lenses produced so far.

S5 micron

Compact view camera for high resolution digital photography, full micrometric movements of absolute reliability.


code 9002 - Standard Bellow
Suitable for medium-short and medium-long focal lenses

code 9004 - Wide angle Bellow
Suitable for short and normal focal lenses

code 9006 - Biconic Bellow
Suitable for medium-long focal lenses, it allows wide swing and tilt movements.

Lens Boards

The recessed Lens Boards are needed for short focal lenses (f.i. 24 / 35 / 47 / 60mm Schneider, 35 / 45 / 55 Rodenstock).

code 9008
Standard lens board for n.0 shutter

code 9010
Recessed lens Board 12mm for N.0 Shutter.

code 9012
Standard Lens Board with Silvestri Bayonet Mounting

code 9014
Recessed lens Board 15mm with Silvestri Bayonet Mounting

Lens boards

Sliding Back Adapters

Stitching sliding adapter with drop-in plates. The drop-in plate is available with different fittings for digital backs and it is placable in both vertical and horizontal position for portrait and landscape formats. Therefore with the stitching function you will obtain images with more o less panoramic proportions.

D7023 Slide Adapter 5x7 stitching without drop-in plate

Drop-in plates for sliding adapter: 

D7023H Drop-in Plate Hasselblad 'H' fitting
D7023V Drop-in Plate Hasselblad 'V' fitting
D7023M Drop-in Plate Mamiya 645 AFD fitting
D7023C Drop-in Plate Contax 645 fitting
D7023A Drop-in Plate Leaf Afi fitting

Sliding Back Adapter

S5 micron Back Plate

The back Plate with Silvestri 4 points attachment is easily fitted to the back standard by using the four side levers on the standard. Sliding Back Adapters and Format Backs for analogue photography are fitted to this Plate code 9016.

Live video Adapter

Actuator for Hasselblad V lenses

The Silvestri Actuator adapts Hasselblad lenses from the V series with Silvestri cameras for digital use. It performs the cocking and triggering functions normally executed inside the Hasselblad body. Code 1150

Focusing Bellow

Darkens the focal plane making viewing and focusing clearer. Compatible with Sliding Back Adapter code D7023 and 6x9 back with ground glass code 4090. Code 5010

Rodenstock lenses in bayonet mount

Combination table >

Schneider lenses in bayonet mount

Combination table >

H 330mm, W 210mm, D 210mm
Kg. 4
Lenses attachment:
Silvestri/S5 lens board, Silvestri bayonet.
Backs attachment
Silvestri/S5 board, board with standard 4 points rapid attachment.
Compatible digital back mounts:
Hasselblad V, Hasselblad H, Phase One - Mamiya 645, Contax 645, Afi.

Vertical shift:
30 + 30mm
Horizontal shift:
30mm right + 30mm left
Rotation on the vertical axis:
more than 15° right plus 15° left in each group.
Rotation on the horizontal axis:
more than 15° plus more than 15° on each group.
Minimum distance between the standards: 0mm
Maximum distance between the standards: 200mm

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S5 micron camera body Code 9000

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