Repro Light Box & Stand

For non-contact reproduction of B / W and colour transparencies

Apo Silvetar 5.6/35 mm

Professional Lens for Digital Backs & Cameras

Apo Silvetar

The Apo Silvetar 5.6/35mm lens was designed for modern view cameras and medium format mirrorless cameras. The possibility of accommodation movements for perspective correction and its exceptional technical characteristics correspond to the demands of quality and wide range of use by professional architecture and landscape photographers.

Apo Silvetar Datasheet - PDF


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Flexicam X

Flexicam X

With the introduction of powerful and affordable Mirrorless cameras and new low cost digital backs, many professional and research photographers will be able to approach creative photography with quality results by having a light and flexible camera with Flexicam X.


Compared to the previous model, substantial changes have been made :

Mamiya RB, RZ & Bronica Digital Adapters

Convert your equipment into a high-end digital camera.

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