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Kodak & Tiffen Professional Accessories

Tiffen Quality Control and Calibration Devices are used to standardize and control light exposure for many applications and industries including photography, graphic arts, and optical systems. 

They are available in a wide variety of formats for both light transmission and light reflection. Tiffen Accessories provide the user with cleaning accessories for their optical lenses.

Q-13 Colour and Grey Separation Guide 8 inch

The Tiffen Color Separation Guide contains both a traditional black and white gray scale as well as a color step wedge. This accessory is used for making colour separations as well as assuring proper colour and contrast balance in colour photography. 

code EK1527654T

Tiffen Lens Cleaning Paper 50 packs of 50 sheets

Designed for use with delicate lenses and sensitive surfaces. Ideal for coated optics and laser cleaning applications. Features: High wet strength, extremely soft and non-abrasive. One box containing 50 envelopes containing 50 sheets (2-3/4 x 4-1/2") of tissue per envelope. code EK1546027T

Lens Cleaning Fluid 37ml (10 pcs)

Designed for quick, safe removal of foreign matter from surfaces of all optical lenses. A must have in every camera bag.
code EK1767136T

Gray Card

An essential tool for use in digital photography, the Gray Cards are a reference point used to estimate chromatic balance and image density.

Inside each packet are two Gray Cards; one 20x25cm the other 10x12cm which have 18% reflectance across the visible spectrum.
The cardboard is 2mm thick, this flatness ensures the card appears neutral under any illuminant. The Uncalibrated white reverse side of the cards which have 90% reflectance can be useful for obtaining a quick custom white balance setting.

Take care of the Gray Card keeping it clean and avoid scratches, otherwise over a period of time its reference characteristics and the initial data will be altered.

Silvestri Gray Cards have been certificated by the Istituto Nazionale di Ottica di Arcetri in Florence.

Calibration was carried out using high precision instrumentation, and the indicated data were measured at various wave lengths and with different lights.

code GC004

Silvestri Cleaning Products


Silvestri Colour management


Sensor swab

Sensor Swab

These polyester swabs have good quality and cleaning ability, they are designed for clean room application.

They are used for cleaning sensors, optical instruments, filters, medical devices or vacuum equipment. This head model is specially designed to clean stains and dust with no marks and no falling particles, no chemical or glue contamination. It has good solvent absorption and is free from silicone oil or amide.


Cleaning of sensitive surfaces or equipment such as optical units
Application of lubricants and other solvents
Cleaning of grooves, tracks, cracks and other small spaces
HDD components, optical instruments, filters, medical devices or vacuum equipment etc.
Removal of excess materials
Head material: continuous fiber, polyester.

SW010 - SENSOR SWAB IN POLYESTER 6" long (16 CM.) 10 Pieces

Head material: continuous fiber, polyester.
Head Size: Width: 6.5mm Thickness: 2.9mm Length: 14.5mm
Handle material: PP
Handle diameter: 3 mm length: 160 mm
Total length of the swab: 162 mm
Handle - head thermal coupling

SW020 - SENSOR SWAB IN POLYESTER  5" long (13 CM.) 10 Pieces

Head material: continuous fiber, polyester.
Head Size: Width: 12.6mm Thickness: 4.4mm Length: 24mm
Handle material: PP
Handle diameter: 3.2 mm length: 128 mm
Total length of the swab: 130 mm
Handle - head thermal coupling

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