Kodak & Tiffen Professional Accessories

Tiffen Quality Control and Calibration Devices are used to standardize and control light exposure for many applications and industries including photography, graphic arts, and optical systems. 

They are available in a wide variety of formats for both light transmission and light reflection. Tiffen Accessories provide the user with cleaning accessories for their optical lenses.

Q-13 Colour and Grey Separation Guide 8 inch

The Tiffen Color Separation Guide contains both a traditional black and white gray scale as well as a color step wedge. This accessory is used for making colour separations as well as assuring proper colour and contrast balance in colour photography. 

code EK1527654T

Tiffen Lens Cleaning Paper 50 packs of 50 sheets

Designed for use with delicate lenses and sensitive surfaces. Ideal for coated optics and laser cleaning applications. Features: High wet strength, extremely soft and non-abrasive. One box containing 50 envelopes containing 50 sheets (2-3/4 x 4-1/2") of tissue per envelope. code EK1546027T

Lens Cleaning Fluid 37ml (10 pcs)

Designed for quick, safe removal of foreign matter from surfaces of all optical lenses. A must have in every camera bag.
code EK1767136T

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