Kodak WrattenFilters

Originally designed for photographic use, Kodak Wratten Filters have also become a popular choice for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Gelatine filters created by dissolving organic dyes in a gelatin material to achieve the desired spectral performance. The gelatin liquid and dye combination is then coated onto a supportive substrate until it has dried. After removal from the substrate, the film is coated with laquer for protection.

Neutral Density Filters

Description 75x75 code100x100 code100x300 code
ND 0.10119859715375541259738
ND 0.20892844217798268055022
ND 0.30893420015019498350597
ND 0.40801704818518648662157
ND 0.50827968912973998817793
ND 0.60860240111958901102755
ND 0.70115908618146648210221
ND 0.80853294719815888160665
ND 0.90196474186235488118192
ND 1.0838357212693498356065
ND 2.0151089016715448840548
ND 3.0864554119248101157403
ND 4.0150774885748321324532

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