Compact modular camera, robust and precise with 30mm of vertical shift. Ideal for architectural and landscape photography.

A compact camera, very robust and of high precision, supplied with a Silvestri bayonet mount for mounting Rodenstock & Schneider lenses with focusing mount.
The versatility, agility and ease of focusing this camera makes outdoor work easier and faster.

30mm of vertical shift with a micrometric self-locking system.
Capable of top-bottom overturn, with incorporated rapid connection.

Basic format 6x7-6x9, Graflock-type connection, rapid hook connection to the focusing ring at 4. 8 degrees of rotation, click stop every 90 degrees, format availability through 360 degrees without discontinuity.

Total block lever on the focusing ring to allow back substitution. Interchangeable backs available, in the 6x12cm and the 4x5" format.


Compact modular camera, robust and precise with 30mm of vertical shift

Lenses in focusing mount

The T30 camera is supplied with the Silvestri bayonet mount for fitting the lenses mounted on helical focusing mount. The versatility, agility and ease of focusing of this camera makes outdoor work easier and faster.

Removing the lens, the camera is compact and flat for easy and safe carrying and packing.

See the Combination Table tab for the right lens board - lens combination >

Extension Rings

The extension rings are used to adjust the different lengths of the lenses.

The rings n.1 and n.2 are also available in the 10mm offset and in the shiftable 15+15mm versions, which are useful to increase the rise or to combine the rise with the side shift movement.

Code 3547 Extension ring n. 0
Code 3565 Extension Ring N.1 (16,5mm)
Code 3565B Extension Ring N.1 shiftable 15+15mm
Code 3575 Extension Ring n. 2 (23,5mm)
Code 3575B Extension Ring N.2 shiftable 15+15mm

See the Combination Table tab for the right extension ring - lens combination >

 Silvestri T30 medium and large format camera review by photographer Stefano Medici - Foto.art

Live Video Adapter

Direct adapter for digital backs. The digital back needs to be triggered externally, no internal contacts available.

The Live video adapters are available with the following interfaces:

code description
DF7020 Adapter with Hassel V 6x6 interface
DF7019 Adapter with Hasselblad H1 interface
DF7013 Adapter with Contax 4,5x6 interface
DF7015 Adapter with Mamiya 645 AFD interface 

Backs and rollfilm holders for film photography, basic format 6x7/ 6x9

The format backs with ground glass have standard Graflock type attachments and fit Horseman, Wista and Mamiya RB roll film holders. The 6x12 roll film holder comes with the ground glass and the magnifying lens in bellow included.

code 4090 6x7/9 Format Back with Ground Glass, Graflock-type connection.

code 4047 6x12 Format Back with Ground Glass and Magnifying Glass in Bellow included

code 4040 4x5" Back with Fresnel Lens for 75mm
code 4045 4x5" Back with Fresnel Lens for 65mm
code 4046 4x5" Back with Fresnel Lens for 47XL

Roll Film Holders

code 6020 Horseman Rollfilm holder 6x7/120

code 6040 Horseman Rollfilm holder 6x9/120

code 6070 Horseman Rollfilm holder 6x12/120 (modified)

13x17x7 cm with standard back
kg.1 with standard back
Lenses attachment:
Silvestri bayonet.
Backs attachment
Silvestri standard four points attachment

Vertical shift:
30mm upwards, 30mm downwards by revolving the camera body.
Formats: 6x7/6x9 - 6x12 cm - 4x5"
Film Holder: Graflock type attachment
Compatible digital back mounts:
Hasselblad V, Hasselblad H, Phase One - Mamiya 645, Contax 645, Afi.

Catalogue PDF

T30 camera body Code 1068


Back Focusing Bellow

Focusing bellow for lenses over 100mm (for back focusing)

code 5000

Focusing Bellow

Darkens the focal plane making viewing and focusing clearer. Compatible with Sliding Back Adapter code D7023 and 6x9 back with ground glass code 4090. Code 5010

Talos Filter Holder

The Talos Filter Holder has two slots for filters which can be turned to position the filters as desired, this option is especially useful when using graduated and polarizing filters. A neoprene seal is inside the slot closer to the lens to avoid flares behind the filter. code 3410

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